Threads is a cloud based application that records your entire organisation's emails and phone calls and allows you to view, share and investigate them in an easy to use, familiar interface.

Press Release: Threads and OrecX join forces to bring phone call transcription to the masses

Press Release: Threads and OrecX join forces to bring phone call transcription to the masses


London-based Threads and Chicago-based OrecX today announce their partnership to promote the widespread adoption of low-cost call recording and transcription.

Threads is a cloud-based service which ingests any form of digital message (eg email and phone calls) allowing users to instantly find the message they need, and more importantly, in the context of the conversation (or thread) involved. This is vitally important where several employees are working with a third-party and communications are often locked in private email boxes or impenetrable phone systems. At the same time, Threads extracts meta-data from the communications to effectively become a self-organising CRM. Applications include GDPR Subject Access Requests, collaborative working, compliance, customer service desks, indeed any situation requiring real-time access to messages.

OrecX has created the world’s largest installed base of open source call recording systems. Using OrecX, it is possible for organisations to collect VoIP calls directly from their network without the need to interface directly to their local or hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system. This allows them to choose the PBX supplier without becoming locked in.

Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX said,

“Threads is a novel approach to effective collaboration across multiple platforms.  Their low-cost and flexible cloud service simplifies implementation and demystifies ROI.  We are excited to include Threads in OrecX's partner ecosystem.”

Threads can be seen as a collaborative inbox (aka shared inbox), yet unlike other services described as such, it requires no change of working practices - no special applications, no change of messaging client or server and hardly any user training. Uniquely, Threads supports any type of digital message and where messages are not exchanged as text, Threads transparently converts them.
To permit the searching of non-textual messages - such as audio phone calls and scanned attachments - Threads deploys Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). However, Threads does not attempt to reinvent the wheel. It can and will use the best available ASR and OCR software. Currently, Threads integrates Google Speech and Speechmatics, and work is in progress to add others with the aim of always supporting the latest available technology.
Dr John Yardley, Managing Director of Threads commented,

“We are thrilled to have partnered with OrecX to promote its use with Threads. Not only are we delighted with OrecX from an engineering viewpoint, but it makes absolute sense for us strategically. With OrecX, Threads is instantly compatible with any VoIP telephone system.”

Unlike many other user-based Cloud services, Threads is priced according to storage used. This is big incentive to organisations with more user accounts than employees.

About Threads
Threads is a trading name for JPY Ltd, a London-based software company formed by Dr John Yardley. John researched his PhD in speech recognition at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory - where Alan Turing designed the Pilot ACE. Threads is the culmination of 5 years work to develop an integrated CRM and message hub capable handling text, speech and scans. Threads was finalist in the prestigious IET Innovation Awards in both 2016 and 2017. 

About OrecX LLC
North American-based OrecX’s award-winning call recording software is powered by an open, scalable and extensible design that meets the diverse requirements of call centers, VoIP communication providers, large enterprises, and small business at a fraction of the cost and complexity of proprietary closed-end solutions. OrecX’s open recording architecture promotes enhancements with third party voice analytics and workforce optimization solutions, further extending the value of the software for partners and clients. OrecX is the primary developer and sponsor of the Oreka GPL open source call recording project hosted on Sourceforge, with more than 170,000 unique downloads and millions of users in over 190 countries. Among others, OrecX’s software has received accolades from Linux World – Best New Use of Open Source, TMC Labs – Innovation Award and Contact Center Technology Award, Unified Communications and Customer Interaction Solutions – Product of the Year, and Insights Success – Top 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies. 

For more information contact Francesca on +44-0208-390-8487 (fran at, Kevin on +1-358-5388 (klevi at and/or visit and Orecx Blog page.

€20 million is a lot of money - SMEs and the GDPR.

€20 million is a lot of money - SMEs and the GDPR.