Press Release: Threads and OrecX join forces to bring phone call transcription to the masses

London-based Threads and Chicago-based OrecX today announce their partnership to promote the widespread adoption of low-cost call recording and transcription.

Threads is a cloud-based service which ingests any form of digital message (eg email and phone calls) allowing users to instantly find the message they need, and more importantly, in the context of the conversation (or thread) involved.

€20 million is a lot of money - SMEs and the GDPR.

Since starting my summer internship two weeks ago, I’ve Googled more acronyms than I ever thought possible. One, in particular, the GDPR, appears time and time again. I've found the way in which GDPR effects, specifically smaller, enterprises, particularly engaging. GDPR compliance then, although seemingly mundane, presents an interesting study relevant not only to my internship, but also my degree, particularly in regards to my study of economic geographies.

We’ve done it: Threads® now lets you search your scanned attachments AND phone calls - yes, phone calls.

Our aim for Threads Message Hub was always to be able to search any kind of digital message from anyone to anyone - not just emails but their attachments, texts (SMS), Skype calls, Tweets and most ambitiously, telephone conversations. Well, we've done it. We are pleased to report that have our first incarnations of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in beta test.

2.9 billion reasons why email isn’t going away

According to a Radicati report, key statistics show 2.5 billion active email users were exchanging a staggering 244 billion emails a day in 2015. The number of email users projected for 2019 is 2.9 billion.

So much for the death of email at the hands of social media! What is going on?